Our Ability to Forget

an animated film

This film is based upon a haiku I wrote, “Perhaps it is our ability to forget that allows us joy.”  With this film, I animated someone surrounded by nature going through a moment of realization, while reflecting on the past. While the pain of our past may haunt us, we still have this ability to move on. Our ability to forgive, forget, and reflect allows us to find peace with time. This animation being my first animation has allowed me to start my journey animating in Photoshop and After Effects.

Spring 2021


perhaps it is our
ability to forget
that allows us joy

I wanted the words of the haiku to be spread througout the film, each line after the right memories to create a flow moving from bitterness to mellowness.


I was inspired by a friend of mine’s work, Akina Obata. Their work shows emotion in a refreshing way thats connects spiritually and interpersonally with others and nature. It addresses pain yet still connects back to peace; I’ve included a piece of hers on my moodboard.

Akina’s Portfolio

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