AAPI Month Posters

poster design | Asian American advocacy | illustration

Collaborated with NC Asian Americans Together, a local Raleigh non-profit, to create educational posters for an AAPI Heritage month. Curated a comprehensive overview of Asian American history and issue areas while working on layout design and illustration creation.

Collaborators: Olivia Jensen, Phian Tran, Karuna Gangwani

Spring 2022

College of Design Equity Initiative

advocacy work | social media | research

Worked with fellow students to better the design college’s curriculum, atmosphere, and financial affordability. Conducted surveys, analayzed data, and held meetings with faculty. Created a social media account to share awareness on affordable software resources, needs for curriculum redesign, demands for more diverse faculty, & more.

Co-collaborators: Karuna Gangwani, Alyssa Smith, Isabelle Wolfe, Shemayah Hart, and many more.


Adobe Creative Cloud Alternatives

Compiled resources of affordable software alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud for artists and designers to use.

︎ Adobe Creative Cloud Alternatives

Curriculum improvement demands

Sent demands to faculty to incorporate more BIPOC design into our education. We emphasized the importance of social sciences and critical theory in design, and shared educational information regarding BIPOC design history and decolonizing design.

︎ Our Design History Classes Need to Do More