Remodel Minority

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With this project, I was given the opportunity explore community by building a hypothetical conference scenario. I built my scenario around reimagining Asian-Pacific America with data, stories, and solidarity. The three central topics to this project cover income inequality in Asia America, fighting erasure and displacement, and celebrating Asian identity. With curated articles, speakers, stories, and workshops ideas, I created a framework for learning more about issues needing to be adressed within Asia America. Lastly, this project aims to share both personal stories of empowerment and ways we can support community around us.

This project consists of a conference booklet and mobile app.

Spring 2020

Topic 1 / Income Inequality

This project consists of three central topics, with the first being income inequality in Asia America. This portion examines the fast-growing income gap among Asian Americans, and talks about why data disaggregation is crucial.

The Asian-American population is not a monolith, and people have a variety of different experiences and needs.

Topic 2 / Fighting erasure and displacement

The second topic covers stories of fighting erasure. As the U.S. hurtles through “modernization” and gentrification, it is important that histories are preserved and people at risk of being displaced have their homes.

This portion hones in on the story of Wing On Wo, the oldest store in NYC’s Chinatown. It is home to the W.O.W project, a “women, queer, and trans led community initiative using art and activism to grow and protect NYC Chinatown’s creative culture.”

Topic 3 / Celebrating Asian American Identity

The last topic explores what Asian America identity means, and shares storeis that highlight the significance of intersectionality.
This portion is meant to share personal stories of empowerment.

After this article, the booklet shares workshop opportunities to help us better support the community around us.

Conference booklet / Remodel Minority

Feel free to read through the entirety of conference booklet here; use the left and right arrows to navigate.

Mobile App / Remodel Minority

The mobile app serves as secondary way for those attending the conference to learn important information.

This app gives users access to articles, speakers, and workshops all in one place on your phone.